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Yes, and retroactively reduce sentences for those already serving time

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No, but decriminalise drugs that offer medicinal benefits such as marijuana

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...6yrs

@98627JW answered…1 day

@984ZVJ5 answered…3 days

Yes, fund research and regulate approved drugs thus freeing resources to tackle illegal drugs

@9849CZT answered…4 days

Yes, for most but not all drugs, retroactively reducing sentences for those serving time and increase research into substances on a medical basis

@983T6KHConservative answered…5 days

@983NFSV answered…5 days

for some unlethal drugs (ones that cannot kill you), but for others, no.

@97Z9948 answered…1wk

Yes but increase the severity of charges for dealers (who have been caught with sufficient evidence of supplying)

@97X3Q3K answered…2wks

Yes, for some drugs, but for practical reasons that the quality of the products could then be regulated and lead to fewer drug deaths

@97WSZB9 answered…2wks

@97VQNVL answered…3wks

yes, but only for drugs that can be used for medical use like weed

@97VM3VP answered…3wks

i think weed should be legal to help people shouldn’t be given to the wrong people tho

@97TN9GJ answered…3wks

Decriminalisation and more budget for addiction recovery research and education

@97T9M9Q answered…3wks

decriminalising marijuana is ok because of the medical benefits - but reduce sentences for drug dealers

@97SFJZXfrom California  answered…3wks

@97SF49P answered…3wks

I don,t know enough about the respective benefits and advantages at the present time but really need to strike the right .balance between decriminalisation where drugs are used for medical purposes and where individuals using recreational drugs are exploited

@97PFDRV answered…3wks

the only drugs that should be allowed is medication but it has to be prescripted by your doctor. Drug dealers should be given a very bad punishment but not death just something to make them realise what they did is wrong and they never do it again.

@97NPSWW answered…3wks

Yes to decriminalise drug use and treatment as a health issue instead

@97NC35K answered…4wks

@97MDTCGLabour answered…4wks

Most drugs shouldn’t be legal but safer recreational drugs such as cannabis should be

Only on less harmful drugs or drugs such as weed as I view it as more dangerous when it’s illegal as people can put anything in it and it’s more in use because it’s illegal.

yes depending on the drug, me personally weed is a plant don't think is should be classed as a drug more of a herb.

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@97BZDZR answered…4wks

Yes, but set up a licensed and regulated system the likes of which currently exists with the sale and promotion of alcohol and cigarettes

@97BYQK3Labour answered…4wks

yes and provide more rehabilitation and reduce the stigma around certain drugs and addictions

@97BCPMM answered…4wks

For cannabis yes but other drugs no they have to much chance of instant death and overdosing they should be kept or made high


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