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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

Yes, and regularly review recent immigrants to ensure they have become productive citizens

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...9yrs

@988552NLiberal Democrat answered…3 days

Yes, and review once a year to ensure they are contributing to the country in a beneficial way.

@9885286 answered…3 days

Yes, our infrastructure is bursting at the seams - we cannot accommodate any more people.
Violent criminals should definitely not be allowed in the country, no matter where they are from.
Also worried about losing our culture when huge swathes of certain cities in England are barely English anymore.
More needs to be done to integrate people from Arabic/Muslim societies into British society. We need to deport those who engage in the grooming gangs if they were not born here, imprison them if they were and arrest Islamic preachers/imams who promote terrorism/condone such activities against

@9884Y97 answered…3 days

@986JQWS answered…4 days

They should make it so that immigrants can get the help they need if they come from countries with bad political situations, yet if they are immigrating for no reason make it harder, also have to have better plans in place for immigrants to be able to do work in the Uk and give them 5-7 years to find labour.

@986HDBB answered…4 days

A modular system should be set-up ensuring refugees can have safe and easier access along with those looking to migrate whilst ensuring they can find suitable work here.

@98627JW answered…6 days

No, as the issue isn't immigration but the management of it. More legal routes are required through international agreements to prevent illegal, unsafe immigration methods.

@985XZT7 answered…7 days

No, speed up the processing instead so that those who are staying can become productive members of society asap

@985QY9J answered…1wk

Maybe? Improve the policy in a positive way that impacts immigrants in a positive way.

@984ZJ5S answered…1wk

Efforts should be made to better conditions in the countries the migrants come from so slow the flow of immigrants into the country but not to be completely intolerant to them - such as deportation or arrest.

@984KDHX answered…1wk

@98478FB answered…1wk

Immigrant should be asessed on their need to enter the country ( a good enough reason )

@983YC3K answered…1wk

@98375NR answered…1wk

Yes, ensure a strong and stable system so we can allow the process easier for legal immigration.

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@97VLZCL answered…3wks

We have too many people in this country, yet we need more workers to do things like pick food. I think refugees should get in easily (still with background checks but a sort of fast track?).

@97V7DD2 answered…3wks

I think should keep the same strictness but make the system clearer and easier to understand/process

@97TP4YT answered…3wks

No, make the current immigration policy easier for refugees and skills that we need in the UK

@97SF49P answered…4wks

we should make it easier for individuals who want to come to this country and contribute

@97R7X5C answered…4wks

Yes, the country needs to fix its own problems with homelessness and drug misuse before accepting more people who will have have the same problems.

@97QR8PK answered…4wks

Only allow immigrants with money and skills that have no criminal records and allow the immigrants here on a visa then get border forces to make sure they return to their country of origin

@97QL6F3Labour answered…4wks

- We should do operate with g20 counties to facilitate as many immigrants as possible - we should welcome as many highly skilled workers as we can - all fleeing persecution and violence should be welcomed

@97QKWS3 answered…4wks

Strictly screen immigrants for criminal backgrounds but also make it easier for refugees.

@97PRHLD answered…4wks

No, but improve infrastructure and support for areas with high immigration so that services and schools still run properly.

@97LR76W answered…1mo

just screen everyone who comes from a different country including tourists and returners (time to go back to the cold war BABY)

@97CRKV8 answered…1mo

No, there should be routine checks to ensure that they are working productively and not sending all their money back to their home country

@97BCBT9 answered…1mo

No, Enter Erasmus scheme, re-enter the Free Movement of People in the EU, keep out criminals improve channel policing to stop people smugglers, enter into a joint effort with France to keep the Channel from crossings.

@974V27WConservative answered…1mo

@973NF2HLabour answered…1mo

It is important to have immigration and do the right thing but not if it changes culture and society in areas. So there has to be limitations

@973GPHW answered…1mo

it's about right - but we should be able to know the difference between refugees and economic migrants to protect rights of workers here. Anyone caught on boats should be dropped back in France after investigation


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