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If lots of individuals do actions, it has an impact but the government still probably is the biggest one.


Individuals should still act but governments abd corporations have access to the knowledge and power to make really effective change.


All. Government is reliant upon many individuals working towards a greener future. If all individuals assume their efforts are pointless then no one will do it but if we all commit as individuals then we can improve the environment.


Individual actions such as recycling and walking/cycling to destinations if possible should be encouraged however the government along with corporations need to lower their carbon footprint drastically as they have been proven to be the main contributors to global warming.


I believe that personal, small scale changes can help with efforts to prevent climate change, however the main efforts do need to be made at governmental and corporate level. They have the highest carbon emission rates and small actions could probably solve this.


Changed must be made on a governmental (and therefore national level) if true changes are to be achieved.


everyone can make a difference whether alone or together it doesn't matter as long as they are doing somehthing to help


Everyone is responsible - change starts at home. However governemnt policy will help encourage this and it should be madatory for corporations to align with this plan.


Governmental. The government can force corporate change, and without governments signalling a desire toward a greener future corporations are unlikely to follow suit


Changed must be made on a governmental (and therefore national level) if true changes are to be achieved.


Individual actions can have an effect on the reversal of climate change, but that does not exclude companies and businesses on making their processes more sustainable as well. If we are to reduce our carbon footprints, we have to account everyone with an equally high responsibility to do so.



Individuals should still act but governments and corporations have access to the knowledge and power to make really effective change.


No, it is far more important for countries and large corporations to change.


Whilst individuals as a whole do make an impact, it is private companies and corporations, and the government that make the most impact.


changes should be made by the government since they have the most power in england so they are able to have a bigger affect


Government individual people do not make the same impact as companies however we can’t ban it instantly and need to look at better options to reduce re use and make more efficient our current emissions as building new stuff is as detrimental as improving what we already have


Significant changes at governmental and corporate level are required. Increased pressure internationally to ensure guilty countries reduce their emissions.


International and national action is far more important than individual actions

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Governmental and corporate.
I wonder how many plastic bags I would have to reuse at Tesco in order to offset the climate change impact of the newly commissioned, government funded/subsidised oil and gas drilling stations in the North Sea


Individual actions on a mass scale can force the government into making change


The word needs to change as one, individual actions or individual countries make no difference.



Individual actions are second to the corporate's contribution, more or less.



It is a shambles that the responsibility of environmentalism has been placed on the individual. This is modelled on the rule that demand drives business- don't buy products that are bad for the environment, then they are no longer made. But when there is not a viable alternative, e.g. public transport in rural and even some urban areas is very poor, and electric cars are too expensive and unreliable, trains are unreliable, what option do people have besides a petrol/diesel car? Pay car companies to build envirnomentally friendly cars, pay oil and gas companies to research into renewable energy and build the facilities for it, and invest in public transportation, instead of passing all of the blame onto the individual.


I’d like to see more recycling and compost bins provided for the whole uk country!
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individual actions can highlight issues which should then be dealt with at govt level


While individuals on a large scale can make a significant impact it is ultimately down to the governments and corporations to reduce their emissions.


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