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I believe if we had a proportionally representative voting system then we would have a good amount of influence over the laws that govern us


Fundamentally capitalism is a flawed system and any electoral reform is used to allow the ruling class to adapt and exploit the new rules while placating the voter base.
First past the post or proportional representation? Are we sure there aren’t even better ways to vote that aren’t contained in the binary?
We don’t vote for laws. We vote for parties, of which we have no control over. We don’t influence party policy.

 @9LLR7G7Liberal Democratanswered…1mo1MO

I think everyone should be able to have influence over laws and shaping them.


I think that citizens should have more say since there's far more people compared to elected officials.


I don't believe politicians should be given such free reign from an election, but I think it would be reckless to give citizens the final decision on matters that they are not knowledgeable about.


I believe there should be an intensive decentralised (so no manipulative, corrupt or false information can be spread) effort held in both in depth and breadth to correctly and properly educate the people on what decisions xyz will lead to.

Then, the power should be given to the informed people.

I say those in power (who are committed to serving the people's best interests) should have to experience other peoples' perspectives - as power tends to 'corrupt'.

Those in power who are not committed to the people's best interests should not have a say.


Citizens should have complete control over the laws they exist under. Elected officials only represent the interests of their hierarchies. Ideally they don't exist at all. They're faux-democratic.


The population should vote on major policy changes in national referendums.

 @9LK9QC2 answered…1mo1MO

I believe the UK public has shown they are incapable of self governance and are making a strong case for a totalitarian state with a philosopher king at the top.


They should have the opportunity to give an opinion and influence lawmakers


The dispersal of power created by liberalism is necessary to prevent the abuse of power that centralization inevitably causes through it's checks and balances. With the population size Britain has it is impractical to govern the country to the extent it is from London and the principal of subsidiarity should be respected so that decisions that affect people should be made as close as possible to the people affected by them in a way that reflects the reality of their day-to-day lived experiences.


Elected officials answer to citizens. They are meant to represent people's perspectives, not to work contrary to their interests and beliefs because they 'know more'.


I don't think the general public should have the final say but public bodies and unions etc should have the chance to respond and make recommendations that the Government look at properly to see if amendments need to be made.


What is the point of electing officials to make laws if you are going to take the law into your own hands anyway?



A massive amount as laws should always be scrutinised since they aren't always fair and moral. The new Scottish hate crime bill is a prime example of a government forcing something on citizens completely against their will

 @9LKRXJQ answered…1mo1MO

I think citizens should be elected officials or our governance should be made up of citizens assemblies like jury duty. Fed back up the chain. Much more public consultation should be happening and constituencies should be smaller.


An election is on a wide array of issues which may misalign with what the public believe on a single issue


They should be given more power to voice their needs if elected government


The official must be elected to represent what his/her constituency believes as a whole, and it is important that as a whole the nation must feel broadly the same about any given issue; if differences exist, they should be treated with at least some sympathy by the opposing side(s).


i believe we should have more freedom to vote as individuals however i feel there should be laws implemented against people who have said certain hate speech rhetorics online


Elected officials are citizens and the elected legislature, in theory, is meant to be a collection of said citizens governing themselves. If this does not happen in practise, then the system isn't fit for purpose and the Constitution needs to be amended to achieve these ends.


More influence, if a law affects them, they should have the biggest say


Citizens should be able to vote on policies we want for our country, and we shouldn't have to constantly protest and be ignored by elected officials.


I think there needs to be a balance as elected officials have experience but people need to make their own Decisions


Citizens should have a large say in situations like this, not entirely akin to officials but enough to make their stances matter for decision making.


If elected officials don't act in the interest of the people that elected them the people should not have to wait four years to elect a new party.

 @9LKT3GLLiberal Democratfrom South Carolina answered…1mo1MO

a lot of elected officials don't live in the real world, I would say the people that have to live by the laws should have more influence


I believe as a democracy we should be aloud to vote on high impact laws that will affect us

 @9LJRHK9 answered…1mo1MO

Does this question actually matter, we vote, but ultimately have no control!


I think they should have a say as a small group of politicians don’t reflect the entire population


 @9LJQZFJ answered…1mo1MO


Citizens should have a large say in what laws are passed as government is supposed to represent the will of the people


Citizens should have the power to elect people into parliament but let mps make laws that represent the reason they were voted in


They shouldn't make them directly, but there should be some kind of voting system in place for certain laws that will affect everyone


There should be more influence of the general population on all government decisions

 @9LKZY8H answered…1mo1MO

Honestly I think we should have parties or meetings from all different backgrounds and all walks of life who represent each type of person within the government. Then those people should fairly take in the peoples votes for each issue and see what is the most pressing, starting there. Ie: Like this test.

 @9LK78S5Women's Equalityanswered…1mo1MO

citizens should have a say in the rules and laws that are decided for them. it should go to higher ranks after a decision or referendum is decided within the people


It depends on the laws, some require expert knowledge in a certain field, while others just require being human.

 @9LKRQHK answered…1mo1MO

Democracy is by the people, for the people- yet within the UK is it increasingly obvious that the people do not have am influence- especially with the passing of bills which seek to limit the autonomy of the public.

Citizens should be able to have a say in what laws govern them and public policy should be Rooted in exactly that (the public) - yet as a citizen I feel even useless when it comes to voting due to the voting system and the law making process in the UK.


I honestly think citizens should have a much larger impact. Elected officials are still a very small percentage and often don't reflect our views.


citizens should have more power. Even if officials are elected, the opinions of millions are ultimately debated by only hundreds.


We should have a proportional voting system that enables us to be better represented in government rather than the tribal party system we have. We should have a separate executive and legislature so that those making the laws are focused on just that, rather than power and prestige.


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