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Right to protest is integral however protests should not cause the detriment of others


As a half Arab, I'm happy to march regarding the Free Palestine movement as long as no one gets hurt deliberately in any context.


Won’t definitely feel inspired, but will try to understand from their perspective to conclude from my view


Peaceful protests make me feel content to live in an open democracy. Inspiration depends on the cause, but protest coverage encourages me to understand different perspectives and form an opinion.



I do, especially if the issue is regarding the environment, equality, human and non-human animal rights etc. I'll often show support online and offline via discussions, donations, sharing their media etc.

 @9HVCWVHRejoin EUanswered…5mos5MO

There are far too many people who join these groups and rally have other agendas and like to just cause anarchy and get offended over things that do not concern them. They probably don't even understand it in most cases.

 @9HV4TW8from answered…5mos5MO

I don’t feel particularly inspired to act. I mostly feel apathetic about protests, thinking that they are mostly meaningless.


generally with the current wave of protests, I feel put off. I feel that they a fascist mob seeking to silence opposition, not seek positive change.


Yes I do, for example with Palestine I feel inspired to protest myself, if I can't I try to donate to charities and spread awareness through social media so more people can advocate


I feel that when people stand up for what they believe that others also feel that power and know that as a collective we are stronger than the powers that rule over us.

 @9HVLXV2Labour answered…5mos5MO

Most protests are fuel/oil related gluing them self's to roads that they proberbly drive on for work , the hi vi's jackets they wear are made using oil , a stupid act that could cause riots and wars


I usually do feel inspired, if the cause is a just one such as for the environment, equality, animal rights etc. I may increase my donations to such causes, share positive information on them, talk about them with others, and increase my general support.


It would depend what it is. When I see people blocking traffic to stop climate change its pretty ironic.

Again we would be better off focusing on education, science and philanthropy to help us innovate.

Social issues can be tricky as you cant force people to think a certain way a better approach is more open debate where people feel safe to discuss edgy ideas at no risk of loosing thier job or reputation.

But to protest is a right and should always be aloud


I do feel inspired to stand up for what I believe in because there might be other who feel the same way


No... I think they are pointless, often disruptive, causing more chaos than they are worth.

 @9HZ6PH5Liberal Democratanswered…4mos4MO

it depends on the protest . certain topics i feel strongly about that do inspire me to act . however this is a rare occasion.


I feel inspired to try to be a good person and to help to achieve these goals


It depends entirely on the cause, and on the protest. A lot of causes rallied by social acitivists have been hijacked for personal or political gain, often to the detriment of the cause itself.


Depends if it’s a peaceful protest and what it is about. I don’t agree with blocking traffic and gluing yourself to roads.


I only feel inspired to act for the right causes, many of the current protests seem to be people fighting for the wrong things. I understand the "free Palestine" movement, but what about Russia's spiteful invasion of Ukraine, why are people not marching against Russia. This I find completely diabolical.


There are many burning injustices in the world and you can't go out and protest all of them. You need to be pragmatic and focus your energy on where change is possible or likely. President Putin isn't going to withdraw from Ukraine because of a protest in London, for example.


Social activism is a load of people with to much time on their hands which is usually a dead end cause, while people there have a lack of knowledge of the cause and use it as an excuse for disruptance for a social media profile.

 @9LPNRMS disagreed…4wks4W

When it comes down to it only terrorism and civil war are the only thing that led to any change in the UK. But these things come after unaddressed protest and civil unrest. So it's a necessary part of the process.


Yes, I feel inspired, and often that means donating or going to local events.


A protest being in the news often means it turned violent or was heavily policed which I want to avoid.


Social activism is exciting to feel a part of however I cannot help but feel it achieves little.

 @9LT7KFZ disagreed…3wks3W

Social change will only come with pushback from the masses and vocal, visible, discontent. If everyone just stayed in their closets, nothing would change. We need to act.


I feel inspired if I agree with it, but there should be less violence from protesters and police


i went to the Palestine protests those videos of the gatherings were shown on the news to contradict the government's alliance with isreal and i think that was an important demonstration for the people of Palestine.

 @9J3L3H2Conservative answered…4mos4MO

I do not feel inspired to act, because the Government was elected whether you voted for them or not, and I believe that unless they specifically engage the military we have no reason to argue. We should question, but protests rarely achieve anything, the arguments for them are often over-simplified


Although I see your point, I believe that there have been countless times where protests or public displays have caused a change in view in the Government. We are allowed to question and challenge anything we wish, but we are also allowed to voice our concerns in a more visible manner. Sometimes it is not calling for change but rather just to be heard and have the cause acknowledged.

 @9J3L3H2Conservative commented…4mos4MO

While I also appreciate point, I think that I have not been particularly clear about this. What I think I failed to get across is that if something is in a manifesto, or as part of a referendum, some people don't accept this, however I think we should. Whilst do have every right to question and talk about policies, to take the Brexit referendum as an example, there were many people, I'm sure with some with very good points that wanted a second referendum at least in part because it didn't go their way. However, the country made a perfectly fair, legal and democratic choice to…  Read more


I do not feel inspired to act because of some protests which target highly valued historical artifacts being vandalised in order to gain publicity


No because some people take protesting to the extreme and it makes what your protesting about seem bad


Sometimes a protest might affect me, though usually they are inspiring me to educate myself better on the subject.


yes, depending on the topic. because for topics I am sympathetic to I want to change or fix it.


No, I believe that the state should prevent them, if it is a serious cause then they'd defeat the state


 @9J4MQ8K answered…4mos4MO

Depends on it's validity and if it is affecting those in power to make the change or general people, and also how well it conveys it's message. I am a staunch environmentalist but I think just stop oil and greta thunberg are props that have done more harm than good, extremist views are not the answer - moderate, considered appeals to help the general audience understand why the environment issue is such a problem would be more beneficial.


I don't have strong opinions on this, but I understand the reasoning why


i feel very inspired to act because i belive that we should rebel against fascist ideals that are forced upon the public

 @9LLSKDX answered…1mo1MO

depends on the protest, blocking hospitals is not cool but spray painting an office block is, like, get over it


I feel many of today's protests are a vehicle of self expression rather than actual movements for tangible policy change. That doesn't mean I don't support the ideals behind several protest movements, I just believe activists are ill-equiped and do not understand the meta-game of social change in the way previous movements did.



Personally I can't do protests, but I'm always happy to see them. I hope that they actually make a change and the government doesn't ignore our voices, especially when it comes to things like LGBT rights which are consistently under attack and the Palestinian genocide. Protests show where the people stand.


I feel angry and sick to the back teeth of it all because of how most protests these days are completely unhelpful due to being disruptive, vandalistic and even hateful because of people with other agendas joining them and causing trouble


Protests are important and I hope that more thought goes into the organisation of protests. Well thought out protests will impact the decision makers only and not the innocent.


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