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I think it's easier for people to blame minorities for societal issues because they don't really relate to them so they think of them as different or inhuman so it's easier to blame them.


Because the government and the media often try to blame minorities for societal problems to deflect blame from their own failings


because in every problem people want someone to blame so they are going to blame the smallest amount of people as it will be the smallest amount to offend. and i also think there are still some of the remaining nazi anti-semitic behaviours around the world. and it could also to be with bias teaching or lack of cultural education.


it makes people feel better about themselves by blaming those with less power,less control meaning they can do nothing against the acusaitions for the problems the people themselves caused

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Because it takes the blame off of them. A common enemy that enables them to do whatever they want.



because they aren't part of these groups therefore not understanding them