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I think.religion should be taught as part of philosophy. basics in a wide range of religions maybe. But otherwise not as a topic in its own right.


The moral and ethical basis of religion are often shared between religious, agnostic and atheists alike and help to build empathy for different views.


Education, like the state, should be secular. Religion has an important role to play in culture so should be taught in the broadest possible terms.


All religions should be taught to students to allow them to learn from different cultures and beliefs. No one religion should be taught at a school as fact.


everyone should no the facts about how all religions have hindered (and sometimes helped) the progress of the human race


None. All religions (Christianity, Islam, ect) should be taught as works of fiction as opposed to historical fact


It is for the individual to make their own decisions. You teach them as stories. That is what they are. It isn't a teachers job to determine for children if they need faith in a higher power on not. Nonsense question. They are taught as someone else's belief, not if it's fiction or not. As stories they are mostly fiction yes, but the use of old text is to learn from it's lessons. If a teacher cannot grasp this then they are not a teacher, who would teach something so old as fact? We do not know. Jeez.


It should be taught for awareness only, none of its ideas should be elevated to the same level as science or taught as fact.


It should be taught for awareness of other cultures, however it should not be taught as fact. At the end of the day its a belief not Fact.


Children should learn about all the main religions for respectful purposes


Only insofar as students should be able to respect their fellows, but religion in general should be removed from government operations and remain a private affair, churches and such shouldn’t receive any recognition nor oppression from the government.


Religion should play no part in education. But you should be taught about different religions and how to respect them and those that follow.


I think that all people should have sound understanding of all religions, as this will reduce discrimination


Religion should be taught in school, but should not be used as a frame of education.

 @9KVQ6TPGreen agreed…2mos2MO

Religion is something individuals should either believe in or not on their own accord not be forced into believing anything they want or don't.


I think religious studies should be taught but the emphasis should be put on science and scientific knowledge- I also don’t think a particular religion should be taught as the religion to follow etc. This system would allow people to have religious beliefs and understand the beliefs of others while allowing people to learn about science and make their own minds, opinions and beliefs about the world


Religious education should be part of the History department’s national curriculum. There is no relevance in grown up life, being educated about religion will not help anyone achieve anything.
For those interested in the topic, it should be a choice, like media studies or art

 @9KG65DC answered…3mos3MO

Should not, but apparently people with a faith are happier than those who have not!


It’s important to educate our children about other faiths. It helps breed acceptance, respect and understanding.


A small role. Different religions should be thought but by having schools which a centred around certain religions such as catholic schools just reinforces divisions and hate as people aren’t used to diversity out side of school.


Religions should be taught in religious education but schools should not require students to take part in religious ceremonies or be part of a religious organisation to attend.


None. Schools should not be influenced by religion. Religious belief is totally irrelevant in education and creates a lack of diversity in some schools.


While religion is subjective, it can be useful and inciteful to learn how other people see the world


None. All religion is a cancer on modern day society.


I would not say it is a cancer, but it is definitely an irrational coping mechanism used by many people to deal with their issues; irrational solutions should not change general educational policy - religion should still be taught in schools to increase understanding and decrease discrimination though.

 @9KKGWGSLiberal Democratanswered…2mos2MO

religion should have no place in influencing education


religion is part of world history and understand how different parts of the world work and came to be.

 @9KDFKXRLiberal Democratanswered…3mos3MO

Religious studies should teach young adolescents the values and teachings of various different religions so they may make an informed decision on which faith they want to live by. In later stages of education, faith-learning is objectively less important than the key subjects such as maths and English so time spent teaching should focus on those key areas rather than religious studies.

 @9KKHDZ9Liberal Democratdisagreed…2mos2MO

Religious studies should be purely academic, without an emphasis on how people should live their lives.


While evangelist believe God is greater than anything education in this day in age is far more important so I don't see it as high of a priority when it comes to learning.


Learning about whole world cultures, different beliefs and religions is more relevant to young people in a modern world.


Religion should be made illegal. Sure practice your own faith in private, but don't impede your lifestyle on others, why is it fine for religious morons to murder and lynch the gays, blacks, and/or trans people but if it were the other why its seen as abhorrent?

Religion has done a lot over the years for science but it's antiquated and should remain a stupid thing stupid people did in the past.

Won't to solve a lot of the world's problems? Outlaw religion, though most practitioners are sane it's always the extremists of these religions creating problems for everyone.


Religion shouldn't be illegal. Generally practicing religion doesn't harm others, and if you practice in that way you should be left alone. Religion has no place in schools apart from Religious Education or government however.

 @9KDFCPWAnimal Welfare answered…3mos3MO

religion could be used to educate others, ie in school but should not indoctrinate


I see it is best for society to educate one another on many religious beliefs to be more mindful and respectful to those who may have different beliefs to oneself.


Give knowledge of all faith but don’t push any outdated values


Religion is a cultural epithet and useful as a guide to understanding culture, it has no metaphysical truth to it and should be taught as such.


Schools should teach and respect all religions but prioritise one over the other except if it is a `religious school but even then the other religions should be respected in in respect to students who do not follow that religion


All religions should be respected, none should be prioritised unless the school is a specific religious school, eg. CofE


I do not believe religion should play a role in education.


Religion is a big part of society and peoples cultures and we should learn about these topics in school - the pros and the cons - regardless.



Should always be choice, but if it leads to higher grades, then so be it.

 @9KK66F7from New York answered…2mos2MO

Religion should be a more exclusive part of education so no one is forced into it only the people who want religion in school get it.


Religion should play a small part. It should be taught and people made aware of every belief but not forced upon children.


Religious education should include all religions as equals. Religious instruction should be completely avoided - even in schools run by particular religions.


I think it is important for people to be educated on different religions to an extent.


All children should learn about religion to be aware of other people’s cultural differences but there should not be religious schools


In my opinion every religion states that you should have an education so there shouldn’t be no ‘what role does religion play’


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