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@4TSTB3Wfrom Lancashire  answered…2yrs

Yes, Religious ****** s should not be allowed to present facts vs. books that were wrote around 1500 years ago at most which have books put in and excluded and supported by Nazi supporters as a 50:50 "debate" just because I say a Green Goblin invented the universe with his female pet llama doesn't make it true or even respectable.

@4ZGDQX3from Bradford  answered…2yrs

yes but it should be designed by teachers and should consider the individual child not be written my MPs who aren't qualified or knowledgeable on how best to teach children

@596VTSGfrom Leeds  answered…2yrs

A standard curriculum should take up no more than 50% of the school week.

@4WS9TG4from Stoke-on-Trent  answered…2yrs

There should be the same standard for each age across the country, but teachers should be able to craft their own teaching to the actual students they have in front of them.

@57X863Kfrom London, City of  answered…2yrs

Get rid of the current curriculum. High school is far too out of date and out of touch. Be more practical and hands on with how children learn. It took me till college to find something I could relate to being taught by people who I respected because they respected me. Stop worrying about algebra and Shakespeare and get into the 21st century. The next generation will thank you for it.

@4TZX96Xfrom London, City of  answered…2yrs

Teachers should be able to develop curriculum content that is best suited for their students while under guidance from

@9866KWG answered…12hrs

The government should be abolished, and curriculums should instead be decided through networks of teachers

@984DQG9 answered…4 days

There should be flexibility for people with learning disabilities

@97K667M answered…4wks

@97K667M answered…4wks

@97JSWWXGreen answered…4wks

Yes, but there should be more flexibility and teachers should have more of a say in the curriculum design.

@974V27WConservative answered…1mo

Yes, the standard curriculum is fair for all students across the UK

@96X5V8M answered…1mo

Yes, but it should only provide a guideline with room to adapt to each student's needs

@96VMN3F answered…1mo

Academies should be able to have flexibility for non core subjects but non academy state schools shouldn't.

@96SMGRP answered…1mo

Yes all children deserve to have a good curriculum until they’re 18 at least

@96RHSVQ answered…1mo

Teacher should teach the needs of each child and intergreate religion on a daily basis e.g assembly music lessons etc

@96Q83M5Labour answered…1mo

The national curriculum should be an absolute minimum. Schools should be incentivised to go above and beyond for the brightest students.

@96Q59YL answered…1mo

Yes, but the standard curriculum should teach life skills and academic ability

@96PQVSD answered…1mo

Yes, but the standard curriculum needs to teach students taxes, law, safety and ways to save lives

@96J6S4ZLabour answered…2mos

Yes, but the curriculum should be overhauled so it covers basic life skills and knowledge only with anything else being options.

@9698LJM answered…2mos

Should teach how the real world work like how taxes work, the important of online safety like how to spot scam emails

@968WKHH answered…2mos

A curriculum of skills to learn .encoraging cooperation and developing potential.

@962VZL8 answered…2mos

Yes. However, there should be an emphasis on teaching students to problem-solve, think critically and analyse information, mental health and wellbeing and how to develop healthy relationships as well as practical skills like cooking, DIY and more encouragement for creativity.

@95WCV9BReclaim Party answered…2mos

No, there should be required topics and areas but the specifics should be decided by school and teacher

@95NZHLT answered…2mos

have a standardised basis, but make it so teachers can be flexible about how long they spend on things and which of a variety of topics they do

@95KGML9 answered…3mos

Most schools should but allow exemptions for special needs schools.

@95F5QM6 answered…3mos

Yes, but allow flexibility for non-core subjects and teachers should teach to the needs of each student and region.

@95F5QJYSNP answered…3mos

Yes, but allow flexibility for non-core subjects and teachers should teach to the needs of each student and region

@9494Y3K answered…4mos

Yes, but upskill teachers and raise standards so that schools can be flexible

@94646ZD answered…4mos

Yes but one that is designed by a mixture of newly qualified teachers and experienced without government interference

@93ZVBQD answered…4mos

Yes, but allow for flexibility to allow teachers to cater for the needs and/or desires of their students

@93ZS536 answered…4mos

@93XHFQC answered…5mos

We should be allowed to learn about things that are actually important within society and to not be shielded from things that actually matter

@93X66MCLabour answered…5mos

Yes and No. there should be some mandatory curriculums but there should be a lot more room for flexibility and intersectionality. Teachers should have more of a say in how we teach

@93T3S46Conservative answered…5mos

The basics should always be taught but remove anything political from the classroom. Gender theory is one example, and drag story time??? Why? Parents should be able to check study material to protect our children

@93JW4YQ answered…5mos

@92PRNCCSNP answered…7mos

No, I'm passionate about non-standardised curriculum and prefer student-directed curriculums.

@92C3V74 answered…8mos

Yes, but allow flexibility for the non-core subjects and allow parents to have an input.


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