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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

Yes, but their identity must be privately verified by a female staff member

@97368VY answered…4wks

People who migrate to the UK should be bound to uphold UK customs and practises. They should not be allowed to ignore eons of UK tradition. If they do not like our traditions, they should not come here.

@96ZWVGCGreen answered…4wks

Yes, a person should be allowed to wear whatever they want but rules and restrictions shouldn’t be altered to accommodate them. If you choose to keep your face covered then you cannot go places where your face must not be covered. Your choices come with consequences and religion is not a valid reason for accommodation.

@96XHZPJ answered…1mo

Yes, in civic ceremonies. But I don't agree with the establishment of such cowardly patriarch-imposed religious traditions from a regressive ideology being so pervasive in a country that strives to be secular.

@96TXSVR answered…1mo

No, we need to ban it as it is not a respectable cultural tradition. It is against democracy.

@96QW6Q7 answered…1mo

@96QW6N8Labour answered…1mo

@966NDGWConservative answered…2mos

Women should be able to wear a face veil, however all attendee's may need to provide proof of identity, such as a Driving Licence or a Passport. Any document that contains on its body a photo of the holder, verifiable names and an address may be used as proof as identification. Note that an address may only contain the country of residence in order to meet such requirements.

@955SD9G answered…3mos

No, unless all other face coverings are permitted. No special treatment

@94CPJJY answered…3mos

yes, but only if it is of their own choice, and not influenced by that of a man.

@93RLLFF answered…5mos

Yes, but only if it is of their own choice, and not influenced by that of a man

@93CXHXXLabour answered…6mos

It should be down to both choice and the respect of cultural traditions

@92R98Q4 answered…7mos

Yes, but only if it is entirely their choice and they have not been forced to or required to by men

@92R8FH3 answered…7mos

@92CBY5B answered…7mos

Yes, so long as any requirements or requests by staff to show one's face are adhered to

@929JL9J answered…8mos

No, this should be banned completely as it degrades women and is a violation of their freedoms based on superstition

@9243JNN answered…8mos

Yes, but their identity must be verified by whoever is available, regardless of gender

@8Z5C3QY answered…9mos

Yes, but their identity should be assessed by someone allowed to view their face within their cultural practices. Whether that is their husband or another woman, depending on exact religious views.

@8YYFJT9 answered…10mos

@8YL937W answered…10mos

The niqab, hijab and all other things that demean women should be banned, and all mosques closed, then deport all Muslims to where they belong in Bongo-Bongo land

@8YGYR3G answered…10mos

yes, we should respect all cultural traditions, but their identity must be privately verified by a female staff member

@8Y8QMNJ answered…11mos

Yes, if they can prove that they are wearing it out of there own free will

@8XZP67X answered…12mos

Women should have autonomy but we shouldn't ignore how face coverings are used at times to oppress women.

@8XXDDR2 answered…12mos

The niqab, hijab, and all other religious symbols should be Banned. Apart from the Crucifix of Our Lord and Saviour

@8XRPVPPRejoin EU Party answered…12mos

No and regardless of gender, they've been wore for keeping their identity intact whilst committing terrorists acts.


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