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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

Yes, but only for those who do not pursue further education or employment

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Yes, but with less focus on military training and more focus on education and skill development

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@58M8D8Vfrom Southampton  answered…2yrs

@984VCPQConservative answered…1wk

Yes. But only for those starting to build a criminal record. They should be forced to do a minimum of 4 years service.

@97BMD8YUKIP answered…1mo

Yes but should come with benefits that provide the individual a better life in the future

@96VMN3F answered…1mo

Smaller mandatory time in military service but focus on education and skills.

@96RHZZ3 answered…2mos

No, they should be required to provide one year of service in retail instead

@96QLRFH answered…2mos

@96Q83M5Labour answered…2mos

For those who have bullied others, are reputed to be in gangs, or with repeated criminal convictions (of any age including under 18 or over 65), a civic non-military form of service should be compulsory. The 300 hour cap on community service is far too low and should be raised to at least 1000 hours.
Those convicted of non-sexual offences should also be able to spend the final year of their custodial sentence in the community with an ankle tag with the requirement to complete at least 50 hours a week of community service.

@96PR56JLiberal Democrat answered…2mos

No, but provide a non-compulsory choice of military or community service (such as community care, ambulance, or fire service) that reduces student fees or career training as an incentive to participate.

@96JM24Q answered…2mos

Government service - military or social care or other commitment to improving the country.

@96JLHTM answered…2mos

They should have to do 2 years in a public service whether it is the army or the emergency services or health

@95ZGWG9Sinn Féin answered…2mos

Yes, but it should be strictly limited to domestic community service

@95WPHGQ answered…3mos

Yes, but they should be able to opt for a non-combat role if they desire.

@95WCV9BReclaim Party answered…3mos

No, have a form of optional national service where you serve the state in the forces or not and this should be required to have the right to vote

@95VYTZT answered…3mos

yes, to national service but a choice as to either military or civil/ social sevice

@95T9NG2 answered…3mos

No, but one year of national service in other organisation such as NHS for young people who aren't in further education or work

@95JCCFGConservative answered…3mos

Yes, it should be two years but it should be extended to all areas of public or social services where there is a manpower shortage

@95GCPRV answered…3mos

@959JMJV answered…3mos

No but in the event of the War the Government should be able to draft citizens aged 19-45 for at least 18 months of service

@947TBV3Reclaim Party answered…4mos

everyone should recieve military training, not necessarily undergo military service.

@93XNR9WConservative answered…5mos

Yes, but it should be done at age 16 just after they have done their GCSE's. This way they won't have to pause their studys at college, A-Levels or eventually University to do the military service.

@93S2FHB answered…5mos

There should be compulsory community service but not necessarily military service

@93RSNRD answered…5mos

Yes, but cannot be sent to a war zone during such National Service

@93GCS6ZConservative answered…6mos

Yes, but at the age of 22, and to train for reserved forces, not active personell.

@92S92PR answered…7mos

Yes, to promote greater cooperation, to teach discipline, respect and responsibility for oneself and for others, and to teach useful life skills.

@92KK395 answered…8mos

Not just Military in the literalist sense of the word. A person should perform a public or military duty. This could be the armed forces or alternatively another type of community service role fitting to their abilities.

@92GSVKR answered…8mos

A year of service but not necessarily military. Service could be with the military or alternatively with the ambulance service, fire service, within nursing, forestry or any essential national service.

@92FXBSY answered…8mos

I would say add something like what the French do with a few weeks outdoor training etc.

@8ZKCH2T answered…9mos

Minimum of 5 years military service from the age of 16, upon completion you are awarded a undergraduates degree that you have been studying during your service.

@8ZFJ88G answered…9mos

They should chose by choice. No forcing, no pressure as certain teenagers do often go off to the army for work.

@8Z736C4 answered…10mos

No. While mandatory service leads to a bigger military, there is also a direct correlation between that & a deterioration of the forces.

@8YYKQZJ answered…10mos

No, but a year of community and social service might be worth looking into

@8YYFJT9 answered…10mos

Only if they have committed a minor crime as military service should be used as a sentence


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