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No, extreme situations should be handled by higher agencies with specialized training and equipment

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...2yrs

@984CVG9 answered…4 days

@983NDK9 answered…5 days

Yes but only higher ranked officers with high level training and experience in desperate situations.

@97VLMPZ answered…3wks

I believe in serious situations the police should be permitted to use military grade equipment. However I think the proper training should be given before use.

@97Q6C4X answered…3wks

Yes, but only with extremely strict training, the use to very extremely situations and the persons using the weapon must have to have served in the Police Department for over 10yrs.

@97PH4F3 answered…3wks

yes, but only in response to extreme situations and strict training on how when to use the equipment

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@97LR76W answered…4wks

depending on the situation if there is a rogue gang going around then yes if not don't use

@96YBCZL answered…1mo

In the meantime, funding should go into recruiting more officers and getting more vehicles, etc for police. Funding for military equipment is not necessary as there are higher agencies that have the training, skills and equipment for extreme situations. Police liaise with these agencies anyway.

@96T6Z4H answered…1mo

It depends on the security of the prison if the prison is a high class criminals that can do very much harm yes, but if it is a low security prison then no.

@96RC88V answered…1mo

Yes, but with deep and strict training on when to use the equipment, in extreme situations and when other means of resolving the situation has been exhausted. Furthermore, lots of oversight needs to be put in place to ensure usage of equipment was justified. Body armour is exempt. This would be in relation to weapons such as firearms, tear gas, riot gear etc

@96R8WKM answered…1mo

Yes, because 'military equipment' is a very vague term as the military often use off the shelf equipment. It should be very heavily regulated by a fully independent body with strict standards.

@96Q2FHM answered…1mo

I don't trust the government and especially the police for good reason

@96MWK9X answered…2mos

Yes, but only in extreme situations with the police being able to handle military grave weapons and do weapons/equipment tests regularly

@96JLHTM answered…2mos

No but they should be allowed some gear for specialist counter-terrorism operation

@96HP7B5 answered…2mos

Police should only have up to certain level of equipment such as counter terrorism But not military

@96FXFV7Liberal Democrat answered…2mos

Yes, but only in extreme situations such as terror attacks and with sufficient training on how to use it.

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@96B36ZL answered…2mos

No, but I do think they should be able to carry firearms like those in other countries.

@964VTC7 answered…2mos

Strict training on how and when, and extreme penalisation if used incorrectly/in the wrong situation.

@963HQ3S answered…2mos

I don't think that using military equipment would help situations it could heighten it and make others fight back. The police should be role models to citizens showing that violence should only be used in extreme situations.

@9639CHM answered…2mos

No, extreme situations should be handeld by higher agences with training and equipment but police should be trained also

@95VYTZT answered…2mos

the police force should have a special unit for extreme situations given the training and equipment needed, these officers should not be used in standard duties

@95TC7L3 answered…2mos

Yes, but only in response to extreme situations and with strict training on how and when to use the equipment. It has to be both, not one or the other

@95NZHLT answered…2mos

yes, but only with special training and in response to things like armed gunmen and terrorists, and as a last resort, used on a basis like the air ambulance than a normal police unit e.g. called in by the regular units when they need them, and with a massive amount of paperwork attached.

@95K6R3FGreen answered…3mos

@95CLVGHConservative answered…3mos

Yes, but only in specialised departments within the police with the appropriate training.

@954PW9Q answered…3mos

This would be very stupid because you’d get the police who think there big man like in America and shoot someone

@948C72CLiberal Democrat answered…4mos

Yes, but with increased screening of candidates to join the force.


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