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I believe traditional gender roles can be damaging in many situations, I also believe everyone has the right to feel comfortable with who they are and act accordingly as long as it’s not causing others harm


Traditional gender roles are important as they have shaped this country and world for century


Damaging. However people wishing toundergo the gender change process need to be over 18 and undergo psychological testing counselling and support.


I think everyone has the right to feel comfortable in their own body but I don’t think biology can be ignored and I think *some* members of the trans community take it too far in terms of ‘pronouns’

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Traditional gender roles should be challenged but not by promoting the idea of transgenderism as an alternative. Transgenderism should be treated as a condition and require assessment before being formally ratified.


It's incredibly damaging. It leads to higher suicide rates, it hurts people so much, it is murder. It doesn't hurt anybody to respect somebody's identity. It's none of their business how somebody identifies. Let people just be happy. Traditional gender roles are outdated and dead.

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It puts people into boxes, and those boxes are not always representative of an individual


I personally feel traditional gender roles bear no consequences? It’s completely natural and what’s been taught for 1000s of years and I’m struggling to see any “bad” consequences where as I feel trans people do suffer from mental health from the off set to some degree. If you don’t feel 100% in your own body that is a mental illness of some description and they need help


Your born as what your born as, if you think otherwise, you should be mentally examined and go to a shrink.


Traditional gender roles are outdated and somewhat redundant. Gender expression is fluid and therefore, people should be allowed to identify and express themselves as whatever they choose.


The first test subject for conversion therapy was touted as a success but later went on to kill himself. You can force people to behave within societal constraints, you cannot force them to live happy, healthy productive lives under those conditions. And ultimately, if they cannot do so then I can't see how any possible benefit could ever outweigh that.


Horrific for people who do not believe they fit in to those specific roles.


Many of our public's mental health will drastically decrease and introduce a society were less of us belong.


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