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No, it is human nature to disagree. War is just a large scale version of this, at it's most fundamental level.


No, humans are inherently territorial and will always have a violent streak to our nature. Despite this, further economic development, especially development which benefits wider society, can mitigate the risks of war by making people feel more comfortable and less distrustful of sharing land and resources.


No. So long as humans have free will and things they desire or own conflict will be present. Extend this to a community of any size and you have war.

 @9HS2K4QLiberal Democratanswered…5mos5MO

No unfortunately. I'd love to see that but I don't think enough people in the power agree.


with men in power and the main objective being either wounded pride, land, money or opposing opinions, wars will never stop happening.


No, I believe there will always be tensions across the world. However I want it to be obsolete.

 @9HSPMYPLiberal Democratanswered…5mos5MO

I think we are more likely to destroy ourselves before that happens


So long as free will exists there will be conflict sobthe quest becomes what's first. Obliteration or loss of free will


No. Humans seem to conveniently forget the horrors of war and there will always be people in power who are greedy, self serving and power hungry.

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No. Regrettably, part of base human nature is envy. From envy people begin to take what they want, and eventually they are willing to kill and war over what they want and what they believe to be 'right'. We can make efforts to reduce the productivity of nuclear arms and attempt to promote global compromises, however there will always be a hierarchy supported by war.


No. I think major societal change is required. We'd be dead before war becomes obsolete, before the required changes happen. People are too greedy, corrupt and power hungry.


No, there will always be war and conflict, it can't be avoided it. But we should find how to solve it quicker with talks before we head to action


it's unlikely, but it would be good if we could reach a point where we have worldwide peace


No, humans have had war since the beginning of time, it is wrong but conflict is something that i do not see being resolved ever, people are selfish and always want more



That is the desired outcome, but it highly unlikely. That said we have a duty to minimise it as much as possible



No, there will always be reasons for war, despite most of those reasons being ridiculous and completely unnecessary. War should be obsolete, but it never will be, the human race will wipe themselves out with stupidity.


I hope so, but sadly i don’t think so, there will always be people that believe in violence and a need for war, and many of these people are in power

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It is important to strive for a world without war, however it is somewhat unrealistic to think that all conflicts will be stopped. Conflicts may continue however our reactions to humanitarian crisis' can improve to keep innocent people safe again.

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i think it is important to reach for a world that has no war, yet that idea is nearly unrealistic, i think we need to focus on humanity as a whole


I would like to hope that war stops however I think if we keep having the same types of people in government (usually rich, white, old, petty men) war will never end which is not what I would want, we need better world leaders


No. There will always be bad actors. Petty, selfish people will always value their own personal gain more than the lives of those they are murdering.


No there will always be an option for war to occur whether than be because of land, wealth etc. People always want power and to have more control over things. World wars may not occur be there will still be smaller ones

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War will always be a possibility but countries and world leaders should steer away from it and work together in aid of world peace and friendship among all nations.


I would like to hope that we will, as a global society, one day reach the point where war is obsolete.


No, but that doesn’t mean we should seek out war anyway.


No I think humans are ruled by greed and tribalism innately and this will never change. This means that there will always be wars over commodities, land and resources


Waging war appears to be a part of our primal human instinct and is unlikely to ever be something made obsolete.


Some people will go to extreme lengths to protect or enhance what they believe is right or rightfully theirs and others to the same to oppose them. Almost everyone knows this is unacceptable, Hopefully war will gradually become rarer and more brief as time goes on.


Violence is an inherent part of humanity so I don't think it will ever go away. Achieving peace as consistently as possible is always the way to go and to always look for the most peaceful solution. But as long as one state has an army, ours must to. But an army must only be for self defence, not interference in foreign wars. Not our place to do so.


Possibly, but it would require technological or political developments that are beyond our ability to conceptualise at the moment.




No, evolutionary pressures will always predominate and even in post scarcity societies, population booms will eventually exhaust resources, leading to conflict. Stability is unlikely to ever be the norm of an epoch, much less the norm of all future epochs.

 @9HJ25RN answered…5mos5MO

No, war will always be powerful and impactful and will remain the main way the oppressed fight against the oppressor or how the oppressors oppress those who were initially free.

 @9HG4HLZ answered…6mos6MO

Yes. I think more people are starting to be vocal about their anti war views especially with social media. I think governments of democratic nations are pressured by the people more often, due to more awareness & activism in the newer generations, so I believe war being obsolete one day is possible.


Sadly no, and I do believe that the ratio of civilian-to-military deaths will continue to increase. The threat of nuclear war poses a greater threat than ever.


No I don't, there is too much of an economic incentive to keep war in the spotlight, especially when it comes to trade and arms dealing.


No, there will always be a reason for one culture to want to hurt another - this is human nature.



no , we crave the desire of greed too much in all aspects down to money and wanting more and more each time even if it will hurt someone we just dont care as a society anymore .

 @9HKXR3Y answered…5mos5MO

War will only be obsolete if the human race reaches a point where logic and diplomacy are at the forefront, and prejudice and religion are removed from the equation.


I think it’s too late. So long as there are weapons and unhinged people who seek power, war will happen.


I would like to say yes we can we are capable of that ,Yet human nature through historical legacy shows that we are not capable at present of harmony ,The system we have that controls our very existence is geared for WAR. Until we change the system by which we in our daily lives we exist we will perpetuate war continually,History shows us the path to the future .The way things are does not mean that they cannot change ,It means we need to change as a populous mentally in order to enact change worldwide, From within we will the outwardly & only then will be ready to move forward knowing…  Read more


No, humans are greedy and I do not believe they will ever learn to live in peace because the temptation of greed drives them too much


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