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NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! The ability to practice a religious is a choice, one that does not represent everyone. Consequently it should not be the metric to govern all.


No, the Catholic Church is not the state church of the U.K, and should have no say in any political affairs.


no, no religion is greater than the other and we shouldn't give one more publicity or power over the others.


No. The U.K. is not a theocracy and should never become one. Separate church from state.


No. Total seperation of church and state should be the goal. Those who are not part of a fictional belief shouldn't be subject to it.

 @9HG4HLZ answered…5mos5MO

No. Religion is a personal belief and choice to follow and shouldn’t have any say in anything regarding how a country is run.


Absolutely not. Secularism is important and no religious doctrine of any kind should be involved in laws and decision making. The church has every right to maintain its own beliefs but it is up to the individuals to choose what they want to practise.


Absolutely not. No religious organisation has any more gravity behind the proclamations they make than any other form of organisation, group or even individual. The Catholic Church in particular has exposed itself as equally if not more relativistic and immoral as some of the worst groups in human history. They deserve no more say in our political process than any other unelected body.


No. The UK is not Catholic, and religious canon should always be separate from state law

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No. if you choose to be catholic that is your choice and can choose any political stance you wish, however to have a larger say then other religions and people is very unfair.


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Shut down the Lords and create a democratic upper house.



Definitely not.The Religion of politics is the reason we are here today at war ,Religion has been used as it is now Zionism is using Jewish faith to Rule ,just as Catholicism did & still does ,Muslims too are subjected to subversive tactics .SURREPTITIOUS is the political intent of all religious political factions that they obscure the truth for political gain.......NO....NO....NO....


No, those in a religious group can abide by their religious laws and teachings, whilst all athiests can abide by the national law.


No religius institutions should have a say in political matters. And there should be no religious representatives in the House of Lords.


It should be able to have an opinion on political matters, but no religious organisation should have a decision in them.


No religion should have any say about political issues.


Members of the church can vote for it against matters but the church as an institution should have no political power


secularism had greatly increased and therefore plays a minor role in todays society compared to how it used too.

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No. The church and state need to always state separate


Catholicism is an outdated and corrupt system of beliefs that should have no place in modern society, let alone law and politics. More and more people are becoming unaffiliated with religion and should not be constrained by laws based on religious rules. Religious people are free to practice their beliefs how they see fit, and that shouldn’t have any effect on the lives of others.


Most people in the UK are not Christians, so Christian churches should not have a disproportionate amount of say on issues like this


It can have its say, seeing as we live in a pluralistic democracy, however I personally welcome more liberal views winning out in arguments such as trans rights, abortion, and same sex rights.


i think we should separate religion and politics, if religion affects an individuals decision that is their beliefs and completely. I think peoples opinions would be against religion affecting politics if it was a different smaller religion so why is it seen as ok for Christianity.


I think religion is allowed to have a say but only as a side matter when it comes to people responses to the changes and the effects


No, there are too many different religions in society now so having one in charge does not make sense and the traditional views of the catholic church are outdated, misogynistic, homophobic, and not right for our society


Not at all. The church may throw their two pence in, but must be aware they are pontificating opinion on an ever shrinking section of British society.

 @9HJQPFDGreenfrom Rhode Island answered…5mos5MO

I think no because that would get rid of the separation of church and state.


No. If there is supposed to be a separation of religion and state, then, no religion should have a say in political matters. Humanity should matter more than religion/religious beliefs.


Catholicism and religion as a whole should certainly be represented, but should not dominate society, as it is no longer a founding principle of society. Catholic communities should have the chance to voice their concerns democratically, same as anyone else, but they should not be appeased or granted higher levels of authority.

 @9HJP3M3 answered…5mos5MO

Absolutely not. The country should be completely secular, similar to the US

 @9HJ25RN answered…5mos5MO

No, they may offer their opinions on the matter and it should be up to the people of a nation to decide whether they want to take the church’s advice which would then influence law in that nation, but it should never directly affect law.


No, people who do not believe in a religion should not be subject to it's beliefs


The church should be seperate from the state, however christianity should be encouraged.


Nope. There’s no god, and they are a power player like any other.


The Catholic Church is an important institution, however Catholicism is a religion and politics shouldn’t involve religion


No. Religion should stay separate from political measures.


The churches should have no right to dictate laws to people on what they can or cannot do. They are unelected and have no legal or justifiable authority to do so.


No religious institutions should be involved in political issues, and the bishops should also have no place in our Upper House of Parliament.


the country is very diverse now, and catholic (or any other religion) opinions may greatly differ from the wider population.


I think that when religious entities has a say on what goes on in a country we run into the same issues as we say are horrible in let's say the middle east. So no I don't think they should have a say as a religion only as individual citizens of said country.


Countries are made up of many different religions and although a person's political views may be influenced by their religion everyone should have their own say / chance to be heard.


Absolutely not. Why did they ever get a say? Religion is a method for cultivating mental peace, not for advising on other people’s lives.


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