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A husband and wife, their ancestors, and their descendants.


A family can be made of any mixture of people - not even necessarily related. It's who you feel safe and comfortable with


A unit of members whose concerns align and/or who have some mutual responsibilities. I have come to be aware of and supportive of non-traditional, flexible, and communal setups.


Family is by blood, or by super extreme closeness (like being there when someone was raised, or being raised with them)


A family unit is of any number or any race, gender, sexuality etc regardless.


Why would any of those demographics change my opinion of that person as a family member, i don't see a logical argument to this in any way.


family are the people you care about and would go to any lengths for


There are many people who are your family but don’t care about you and would not go any lengths for. There are some people who are not your family that would do that such as your boyfriend or girlfriend or very close friend.


Family are not just blood, family are who you choose to have as your family

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If family is considered blood only then why has there not been any outcry over adoption? People use this argument to disguise their bigotry.



Family are the people you couldn’t live without and who make you happy. This could be family, but it could also be friends who are always there for you.


Family is not just your own family but friends and people in the community around you



Family used to refer a group of people connected by blood or marriage and having same responsibilities and share the same economic statue, nowadays it has evolved to include non-biological members like friends or close bonds between individuals.

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Family is the group of people closest to you who you are related with via blood.



Family doesn't necessarily relate to the genetic relationship of two individuals. Many blood related family members disown and abuse their family for traits that cannot be helped such as sexuality or gender. Family can be decided on an individual basis, be it family someone was born with, or a family formed through relationships developed later in life.


everything evolves and changes as you grow. your perspectives will change.


a group of people of live together who are biologically related, this definition has changed over time



I define family as the people who are closes to me and support me. Usually they can be by blood but some can be not.


Family is the group of people closest to you, regardless of whether they are related by blood or not.

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Family is where the heart lies. It does not need to be forged of blood to have meaning.



Family definition is bloodline as well as the personal circle you base your life around

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Family is what you choose, and has always been that way for me. Anyone you consider family is your family at the end of the day, blood relation or not.

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Family can be either people you are related to or just people who you see as family and care about.


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Family is just who you are connected to by blood. There are obviously other metaphorical meanings like sometimes you can be so close to people that they seem like family, but the actual definition has never changed for me.


Family can either be kith/kin, family is the intense bond you feel for another regardless of blood bond.


Family is the people loyal to you. The people you are loyal to. It is the people who have your back. The people who don't betray you under any means.

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No I'm just a teen but family for me would either be mom dad child or unmarried parents and child


Family are the people closest to you who will always be in your life regardless of what happens. The family has evolved over the years, man and wife or same sex doesn't matter, all can provide a happy family life.


You reach an age where you make you're own family, although the most reliable and tested form is the nuclear family


A group of one or more parents and their children living together as a unit, whether genetically related or adopted. It can also mean the wider network of relations such as cousins, aunties, uncles, nephews and nieces etc.

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Family can be blood family, or very close and uniting relationships with a group of people. Personally, my 'family' is my blood family, this is how it will always has been and will be for me, but I understand how it may differ for others


Family is someone who loves and takes care of you no matter what. This doesn't have to be a blood relative.


The definition of “Family” has changed over time, but I would generally say that whether related by blood or not, such as adoption or extremely close friends, anyone in our household is family


the classic mode, father/mother children. as it is written so in the quran, and that doesn't need updating

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I would define family as 2 people gay or straight, married, with children, plus extended family. A family is led by its oldest member.





A family is whatever you say it is. You and your relatives, you and your cat, you and that plant you've somehow managed to keep alive. A family is what you care about and makes you feel whole.

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