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 @9KJL7Z2 answered…2mos2MO

People often struggle to understand the effects of something they take for granted and cannot put themselves in another person’s shoes, I can understand this but I think empathy should be encouraged far more within society

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There is also black privilege - rooted in favourable treatment because of perceived victim hood based on historical wrongs. An example: black people are rarely challenged on TFL for not tripping in but whites are


You cannot judge a person by their race. They may be white, but you have no idea what they or their ancestors have been through. Working in mines, as trawlerman, living in workhouses.


As it is instilled into society that the white race is favoured over ethnic minorities they are seen to be valued more in the work place etc as they have more positive connotations. I think we should reduce stop and search for ethnic minorities and have an equal view on all races for society to get along more and for everyone to feel more welcome.


Although it still exists, white privilege is not so much of a massive issue anymore as other cultures and races are more largely accepted.

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It is hard to see the privilege you have when you yourself haven’t experienced the disparities (subtle or not) that the minority have. Even though your privilege may be out of your control, you should learn to accept that you will never really understand what POC go through. *Sympathy* is key here, not empathy. People who can’t fathom white privilege are usually those who have grown up in a predominantly white community and simply haven’t interacted much with/befriended poc. Listen, be compassionate, educate yourself, and you will be surrounded by a diverse community!


White people haven’t experienced the struggles of people from other ethnic backgrounds and so don’t understand the privilege they have


Right now you can see that people of colour or any other non-white origin gets chosen over whites to promote "diversity". So saying white privelege still exist is dumb.


Their upbringing leads them to believe that the privilege they have is imagined and not real.
Influenced by people on the internet to believe that hey are superior.


I think some people who have not been faced with seeing racism prevalent in their community, have a tendency to turn a blind eye to key issues which are important to them. It is uncomfortable for them to recognise their privilege so they don't.

I would encourage people to have a look at current issues and recent history to understand how important it is that we are actively fighting racism. As staying quiet on these issues is inadvertently supporting racism.

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I think a huge problem with recognising white privilege is that often people who are being told they have it don't feel very privileged. This is because of intersectional privilege, where different characteristics influence each other. For example, someone who was white but from a poor economic background, who's school had been underfunded and who's parents might have struggled to put food on the table would react poorly to being called privileged. It is important for us to recognise that our age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic and educational background all intersect, and by dissecting this we can better recognise where we do have privilege and acknowledge this.


Because they are small minded and racist issues don't directly affect them so they do not bother educating themselves on this.


White privilege is a discriminatory term. The vast majority of homeless, alcoholics, drug addicts, victims of crime and victims of sexual exploitation are white so therefore there is no white privilege.


It is when people get jobs as they are white and get better places in society


white people often get picked over other people due to often being seen as the superior due to racism


Just because I am white, does not mean that I am privileged. There are some that have and continue to have white privilege, but this should not be just based on the colour of someone's skin. I have definitely not had a privileged life. I understand that in some places the colour of your skin can get you murdered, bit just because I haven't been subjected to that, does not mean that I am privileged.


Most of the working class in the UK is white, and most of the poor in the UK is white many white people struggle.


People struggle to understand white privilege as they have never not experienced it. It is a systematic infection that has its fingers in all parts of Society as white people have for years have destabilised non-white majority countries and when they flee to these supposedly great northern countries they face oppression hidden within the bureaucracy of those countries.


Whit privilege is the privilege you gain from being white in your own country the societal benefits you receive

 @9KC7RBV answered…3mos3MO

People want to feel superior but don't wasn't to show it.


"A recognition that does not silence the voices of those most affected by white privilege; a recognition that does not ignore where it comes from and why it has staying power"


Because people who have white privilege take it for granted


There is no such thing as "white privilege". This is a madeup contruct , another word for "white hate". People's skin colour does not matter. People who talk about the skin colour of other people are racists.


-They are too privileged to see that they even have privilege and they haven't experienced racism on a level compared to other minorities

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Racism is like a virus. Unless if you have experienced the symptoms of the illness, then you will never understand the pain of the person who is ill.


white privilege is simply false. Its used as an excuse for why some people fail to make it in life and therefore bring race into why they failed.


White privilege is a real thing that exists white men are the most powerful and people in power are always white men.


Those who have not seen the negative effects of white privilege may not understand. It is definitely a factor which has made life easier/harder for people.


If you haven’t experienced it you might not belive it but we live in a society where there’s a lot of discrimination to any minority

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Because of our ancient barbarically colonial ties still manifesting in our current system- the demonisation of immigration to make up for a corrupt and fragmented capitalist system that promotes aristocracy and suppressing the rights and views of the working people. The vilifying of ethnic minorities has persisted within our political ideologies and within key party members and boundaries to employment and social security still persist for ethnic minorities in the UK. White people fail to come to terms with this due to state propaganda- convincing them they’re not the issue and things…  Read more


You mention state propaganda - where does any official government or public media channel express these anti-diversity sentiments? Some right-wing politicians are definitely guilty of this, but you've framed this as a grand conspiracy. If there is any conspiracy to crush pro-diversity rhetoric, it is in the papers and partisan party campaigning - nothing endorsed by the 'state'.

In focusing so hard on some grand pathology endemic to "White People", you've completely neglected the prompt: how you would explain the concept of white privilege to someone who disagrees…  Read more


 @9KDJD2QCount Binface answered…3mos3MO

It’s pretty unintuitive and there’s a lot of unseen aspects such as residual effects from the past, freedom from bias at first sight, and sometimes it is over-exaggerated and frames white people as evil, so as a reaction one might deny it’s existence.


People do not understand white privilege mostly as they are ignorant to the struggles of minority groups. White privilege is the privileges afforded to caucasians because of their physical race and assumed attributes


Many white people focus more on protecting and excusing their implicit biases which align with white supremacy & the erasure of alternative cultural histories (i.e, viewing Europe or US as the pinnacle of modernity & progress, cultural appropriation, microaggressive behaviour, etc), and distance themselves from how they benefit & unknowingly contribute to racism. bias against POC, black people particularly, is pervasive across all cultures. The accusation is more upsetting to many white people, than the act of racism, since most people care more about how right they look and sound…  Read more

 @9KDFKXRLiberal Democratanswered…3mos3MO

White privilege is the concept that white - British citizens have social advantages over those of diverse nationalities, also having access to more opportunities than groups belonging to these cultures.


People who have been brought up in a family with a lot of white privilege are likely to struggle to understand it because they don't know any different. White privilege is where a person is treated in a more positive way due to their skin colour being white and they are likely to struggle to understand an ethnic minorities struggle. A lot of people don’t try to understand the struggles or empathise with people of ethnic minorities


They struggle to understand because admitting white privilege exists means acknowledging the deep rooted racism in society and especially in British society. White privilege is essentially white individuals thriving off racism ingrained in society and at the expense of their coloured counterparts.

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I wouldn't and anti-racism is code for anti-White and opposition to the country's indiginous population.



People who have white privilege do not see it as anything but normal and so cannot comprehend that they are different. White privilege is having more experiences and opportunities because of being white with no regard that people of other races


A lot of white people who haven’t seen racism don’t want to believe it’s real because that would be a burden on them to have to think about it. They don’t even have any concept of how things may be more difficult for non white folk or other minorities. There is an ingrained belief of superiority that we don’t even realise is there. I’m sure as a white person there’s things that have gone unnoticed for me, and areas where I could improve my understanding, and I think it’s important to be aware of that.


People struggle because it is often seen as a personal attack on one's self. And something that cant be changed.

Acceptance, empathy Nd emotional maturatity should be taught


Because they are so "in their own bubble". They are only surrounded but white people and don't see the struggles people of different backgrounds to through.


White privilege is the concept of understanding that as white people we have inherent benefits within society that are not shown to people of colour. People often conflate white privilege with the concept of 'privilege' insinuating that they have too suffered and experienced inequality. White privilege specifically notes that these inequalities were not experienced due to the colour of ones skin.


I would explain it as white people get hassled less because of their skin colour people with a darker complexion get accused of all kinds of things every day because of the colour of their skin I would say the definition of 'white privilege' would be that white people get treated better and get better things.


People who have been brought up in a family with a lot of white privilege are likely to struggle to understand it because they don't know any different. White privilege is where a person is treated in a more positive way due to their skin colour being white and they are likely to struggle to understand an ethnic minorities struggle.

 @9KDK2XQ answered…3mos3MO

Because they were raised in a different environment and taught different things.

 @9KDFCPWAnimal Welfare answered…3mos3MO

people may not acknowledge how this privilege has risen throughout the years in which society was and still is rooted in racism


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