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The government should move with the times and not stagnate. And values should be measured against international human rights legislation not the whims of a particular government.


I'd say it should be about 50/50. Individualism is important to a certain extent, but in extremes, disastrous. In the same way, traditional values are important to a certain extent but in extremes, disastrous. A middle ground would be ideal in order to keep as many people as possible happy.


In regards to tradition, it really depends on the tradition in question. If progress is needed then progress but if the tradition doesn't hurt anyone then conserve it.


The government should be focussed on running the country. If people want to preserve a tradition then they can.


That should be left to the individuals that make up your electorate. When people discuss “preserving a nation’s values or culture” it is most often a veiled way of saying that they want to A) protect the ethnic/racial hegemony of their majority group or B) continue being able to partake in practices and activities that are now considered backward or regressive. True culture is derived from shared experiences among communities, and so if the government is to have any role, it should be to encourage harmony between all groups of people.


Individuals mainly. When a government champions a nations traditional values, it places them as absolutes and thats dangerous.


The government should enforce traditional values to an extent. Such as national anthems and key dates in the countries history that have been celebrated for a long time. But it is the duty of the population to celebrate these treasures otherwise the government enforce nothing

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it’s the duty of the people to uphold traditional values, but the government should preserve historical sites and monuments that are part of british culture. however, they definitely shouldn’t take part in any right or left wing sentiments.

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It should be completely up to individuals to uphold a people’s traditions. National traditions do not exist, they exist only as the traditions of the largest collection of a people. Therefore, they should remain that of only remaining to the individual to uphold.

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Duty of the government, but it shouldn't be racist. Be proud of nation but respect others too. We are all here which means our ancestors won.


Traditional values is often a euphemistic term for discrimination and they rarely represents the ideas of the past.


Traditional values doesn't make sense as a term because traditions and values are constantly changing. The hijacking of a term like 'tradition' is usually the result of the right wing attempting to exclude minorities and the vulnerable from societal rights, and I will never agree with such a bogus line of argument.


It is the duty of a government to serve its people, if the preservation of traditional values benefits a populace by fostering unity or by some other means, then it should be promoted, but it should not be an end unto itself.



I think individuals have the right to their own opinion and that should not be challenged by state.


Up to individuals - I personally don’t see the point.


The government, as the leaders of our country, should implement policy that helps preserve British culture. School policies should promote learning about British values and enable children to become good, contributing British citizens.


A government's traditional values are only the values of the 30% who put them in power. It is not the duty of a government to protect their views.


The government should promote ideas of national tradition and values amongst the populous, and discourage diversity, as diversity will lead to more intranational conflict.


Depends on what the traditional values are. I have lived in countries whose traditional values is kindness, acceptance of others, and very community-minded. In that case, I may not mind government protecting these traditional values by promoting kindness and caring in community. But, if the traditional values are exceptionalism, nationalism, and isolationism, then I think the government needs to educate the people of being global citizens. We are all living on this one planet--let's work together for each other's benefit, rather than fight each other.


Most traditional values are very outdated and discriminatory to entire groups of people, if individuals decide to live their life that way then that is up to them


it is the duty of everyone within a country as well as the country's government to uphold traditional values and combat those which are delusional. this also counts for constituent territories and their respective governments or other ruling body.


That should be the left to the individuals, the government should be focusing on economic and environmental issues.

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The government should be the mass voice to speak on the nations behalf about traditional values, but unfortunately they often speak from their own beliefs. So, in the modern day it is necessary for the public majority to voice their opinions on traditional presentation, and it should then be the government's duty to carry out the wants of the majority, because that is how a democracy works.

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That should be left to individuals, but in an ideal world the government should reflect the views of individuals


The government should be representing the views of the country but Britain is a multi cultural country

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Let individuals decide what should and should not be a value. Times have changed


Most people just do what they want anyway: in theory a government is there to make sure people in the "mandatory" parts of life have some degree of instruction, and being educated on what other people, especially older, "are like" is very useful, and can't be left to parents. Should not be draconian though


It is important to promote Traditional values, but not historical values.


Many historical values shape the values of our modern world. We can always learn from the past as to what great things humans can achieve and what horrific pitfalls we can fall into.

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traditional values should be left in order unless collectively people agree to change a traditional way


there isn't a uniform idea of what traditional means and it's too often a euphemism for dangerous ethnic and Christian nationalism.


Encourage values but it is not the duty. Values evolve over time anyway according to changing times.


Traditional values are not worth preserving as demographics change over time. Our traditional values include economic slavery, the empire and oppression of nations. Values are not immutable. Government values change with whoever is in power and can any political party be trusted to determine what our traditional values are or indeed should be.

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individuals should decide what their own traditional values are and it's not for the government to decide for them

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Tradition in England tends to be male chauvinistic so I think it’s about time to take a more holistic approach to things, and think more about creating community rather than the separate individual as this could help well being.

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No idea what traditional values are - those would need to be defined and agreed upon first.



The government should teach and encourage traditional values that don’t contribute to harming others.
British values of community, historical remembrance etc.: yes.
Outdated values such as heterosexual relationships only and “a women’s place is in the kitchen”? No.


A country has a right to it's cultural identity. If a country/nation wants to make immigrants comfortable, they should encourage them to adopt what we deem important British values and this should not deduct from the British people.



A state has no place dictating values, that's a cultural thing. And a government concerned with tradition is a repressive one.


Individuals , governments should serve it's people, regardless of who they are


I think it should be mainly the government but the people should have a say as well


the individuals should decide what to do with the nation's traditional values


I believe this to be true. I believe government's should try and enforce a nations traditional values, after all it is this country that we live in.


Left to individuals, a countries traditions and culture is made up of those in the country, it will constantly change

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Traditional values are a very vague notion that are generally harmful and often suppress actual culture and traditional folk practices in favour of colonialist values.


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